VitaGlide: One of the most popular exercise machines used to develop upper body strength

Used in gyms, rehab centers, and homes, VitaGlide™ offers you a straightforward and effective solution to boost
performance of your upper body muscles and core strength with an emphasis on reinforcing the shoulder orbit.

Why VitaGlide?

VitaGlide™ is designed for the optimal exercise position for the upper torso allowing the creation of a natural, fluid motion with no unwarranted stress on the shoulders. In addition, VitaGlide™ now offers you two upper-body exercise motions similar to rowing or cross-country skiing. Both motions strengthen the musculature of the upper body, shoulder orbit, and core. Exercise routines can now go well beyond the singular action of the original motion.  And VitaGlide™ users can select independent resistance for each arm depending upon their own goals.

VitaGlide™ also involves more muscle groups, resulting in a more effective and efficient workout than traditional seated exercise therapy or workout programs. Increased core strength, improved cardio workout, and greater range of motion are all potential outcomes for the VitaGlide™ user.

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Who should use VitaGlide?

Upper Body Physical Therapy Patients

VitaGlide™ is an effective rehabilitation treatment for those with shoulder impingements from repetitive motion or decreased upper body strength due to disease or disability:

  • Individuals in wheelchairs
  • Stroke victims
  • Athletes, including pitchers, tennis, racquetball, and basketball players, swimmers, golfers, weightlifters
  • Geriatric patients who have lost upper body strength

Those Seeking A Powerful Upper Body Workout

No exercise regimen is complete without an upper-body workout and VitaGlide ™ is the perfect workout machine to help you meet your goals.

  • Affordable for home
  • Durable for gyms
  • Patented 2-way motion means more efficient and complete movements

VitaGlide™ uses more muscle groups than other seated exercise programs!

Look at the muscles used in a VitaGlide™ workout vs. an Arm Ergometer.


Arm Ergometer

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VitaGlide and Shoulder Injury

Every year millions of people suffer from shoulder injury caused by excessive, repetitive arm motions. Shoulder injuries and pain can occur as a result of imbalanced muscle stress on the shoulder joint. This is due to repeated use of a muscle group without balanced development of the opposing muscle group.

This is common in wheelchair users who are constantly propelling their chair forward or athletes, such as pitchers or tennis players who suffer from repetitive motion overuse. VitaGlide™ provides the workout to build muscle tone and joint strength.

Stressing the muscles on both the front and back of the shoulder, the VitaGlide™motion develops a balanced musculature and protects the shoulder orbit. Now you can alternate arms in the “push-THEN-pull” motion or “push-AND- pull”, mimicking a cross-country skiing or rowing motion. And, you will be able to set resistance levels equally for each arm or independently if you need to build strength in one arm –perfect for stroke or accident patients.

Since the VitaGlide ™ engages more muscle groups, core muscles can also be strengthened through the exercise.

Real quotes from VitaGlide™ users:

“Please bring it back to market quickly. I’m a c5 incomplete quad that desperately needs to continue building strength. I would gladly trial a unit for quality input :)”

“For a quadriplegic it was the only piece of equipment that would successfully get my heart rate up above 100 bpm and keep it up there.”

“I’ve had VitaGlide™ for 5 years and it has been vital in rehab and prevention of shoulder injuries and upper body strength maintenance and improvement as well as aerobic exercise.”

“My VitaGlide™ has been a vital (pun intended) part of my life for both peace of mind and weight loss and maintenance. I am extremely pleased to hear about the return!!”

“Glad to see them coming back. Everyone that needs one should buy one. I highly recommend.”

“I owe my good shoulder health to VitaGlide™”

“I do not own a VitaGlide™, but I am desperately in search of one.”

“Please bring this back…..I desperately need to continue to grow stronger. Best piece of upper body equipment I’ve come across in my 18 years as an incomplete quad.”

“I am so glad to see the VitaGlide™ is back. I have been a Physical Therapy Assistant for 24 years and it is probably the best upper extremity aerobic/endurance machine I have come across. I have had many patients interested in purchasing them for home use but unfortunately had to inform them that they were no longer being manufactured.”