VITAGLIDE was one of the most popular machines for upper body strengthening and rehabilitation, physical therapy and training. For years, it was used in both gyms and homes as a straightforward and effective way to boost performance of upper body muscles and core strength with an emphasis on reinforcing the shoulder orbit.

VITAGLIDE has not been available in recent years and users had few replacement machines to fill the void.

But now, that’s all changing. VITAGLIDE is back. Soon, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase a new machine, replace broken parts or add to your program’s capabilities with additional VITAGLIDES.

We’d like your input. If you are a previous VITAGLIDE user, therapist or trainer we want to hear from you. Your feedback from an individual or institutional perspective will help us bring you the VITAGLIDE you want. We’ll listen to your ideas and thoughts as we consider possible new features or other improvements. Our mission is continuous improvement of VITAGLIDE.

Is the Favorite Machine Of

• Wheelchair users
• Rowers
• Parathletes
• Bodybuilders
• Anyone needing a great upper body workout!

Is Used In:

• Homes
• Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy Centers
• Hospitals
• VA Centers, Rec Centers, Fitness centers
• Senior living facilities